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Buy a Rug Doctor® Machine

You can now buy a Rug Doctor® Mighty Pro machine or bulk product directly off our website. Enjoy the convenience of having a machine right there when you need it.

Bulk product is very cost effective and suitable for people or businesses that use the machine frequently or for large areas. Click here to go shopping.

Over 30 Years in Business

Rug Doctor® New Zealand is now proudly celebrating over 30 years in business. We continue to be a New Zealand owned and managed company. Rug Doctor® New Zealand has experienced through its history, from changes to the models of equipment for hire to developing of an efficient method of service. We have substantially increased the number of stores throughout the country to provide easy availability to our customers.

New Stores with Rug Doctor®

These are just some of our most recent New Retailers with the Rug Doctor®

  • Countdown Ferrymead
  • Countdown Amberley
  • Super Value Lyttelton
  • Countdown Regent
  • Countdown Whitianga
  • Countdown St Johns
  • Fresh Choice Ranui

Look out for more up coming outlet locations in regions around New Zealand.

  • Countdown Amberley
  • New World Stanmore

Oliver loves Rug Doctor®

We are delighted to share in our news column that our Rug Doctor® machine has attracted the interest of a very bright young boy. From an early age this young boy has been fascinated by our red Rug Doctor® machines. His parents hire the machine to clean their carpets regularly. Oliver would keep a brochure with him and he loved his parents to read it to him. He even had a huge Rug Doctor® cake for his fourth birthday.

Oliver loves Rug Doctor®

We recently got to meet Oliver. It is such a wonderful thing to see the enthusiasm and knowledge he has at knowing the way the machine operates, the noises it makes and the right way to walk the machine. It just goes to show that Rug Doctor is so Easy!