Top 10 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

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Feb 16, 2022

Top 10 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

This Summer has kicked off with a bang thanks to some stunning hot weather. While you’ve been itching to get the family out of the house after the lockdown restrictions, your kids might find it too comfy to leave the house - but with all the sun we’re getting this summer, it’s a sign to spend more time with the family outdoors!

In this blog, we look at the top 10 fun activities to help you get your kids outdoors, make the most of the hot summer days and have fun as a family.

Top 10 Fun Outdoor Activities For Your Kids

1.  Water Fight

It’s fair to say that almost everyone loves a water fight, as there’s nothing better than getting cold water splashed on you on a hot day. It's cooling, refreshing and a perfect family activity for both kids and adults. So get those water guns out, fill up those balloons and let it rain!

2.  Chalk Obstacle Course

If your kids have a thirst for adventure, you can quench it in your very own driveway with a chalk obstacle course. Simply chalk up a path with cool jumps and stunts that’ll test your kids’ wits and strengths, and let them battle it out to see who is your family’s ninja warrior.

You can even get the kids to pitch in with ideas as to what will look cool, and you can easily change the course whenever you want. Your kids will be running circles and doing it repeatedly - so get your stopwatch out and see who’s the fastest in the family.

3.  A DIY Slip ‘N Slide

Imagine having your very own slip ‘N slide in your backyard - now that’s what we call livin’! Lay out a massive tarp on your lawn, use your hose to get it wet and slippery, and put a little inflatable kiddie pool at the end for your kids to splash into.

If your kids have a need for speed, squeeze some dishwashing liquid on the tarp to get it really slippery. Now all there’s left for them to do is run as fast as their legs can and slide away! Bonus - If you’ve got any inflatable rings lying around, your kids can jump on them and slide down in style.

4.  Climb a Tree

While this outdoor activity is a tad risky, we’ve all done it and look how we’ve turned out. Climbing a tree can be challenging, but scaling it will make them feel like the friendly neighbourhood spiderman - helping to build their physical strength, motor ability and hand-eye coordination. Just keep an eye on them at all times to avoid any accidents!

5.  Wacky Walk

Spice up your regular walk around the block with the kids by going for a wacky walk. All you’ll need is a deck of cards and a sheet of paper with all the different ways you can walk (hopping, skipping, running) based on the card you draw. So pick a card at random, or ditch the cards and see which kind of wacky walk you and your kids feel like strutting today!

6.  Scavenger Hunt

Get your kids to channel their inner Sherlock Holmes or Indiana Jones and search for hidden treasure in the outdoors. You can hide common household items in your backyard, list down all the things to find and see how long it takes your kids to find them! You can even have a nature themed scavenger hunt where your kids have a list of common bugs to spot in your garden.

7.  Mud Pies

Kids love playing in the mud, so why not make them roll up their sleeves and bake some hot mud pies? Get together some old pots and pans, and set up a mud kitchen. With a dash of mud, a sprinkle of flowers and a cup of water, your kids could come up with the mud pie of the year! Only trouble you’ll have is to get them into the house without making a mess!

8.  Good Ol’ Fashioned Gardening

Round the kids up and get your veggie patch going this year. With a number of vegetables and fruits you can grow, in a few months, you can proudly show off your produce to your family and friends.

9.  Hula Hoop Race and Catch

Simple, yet fun… and all you’ll need is a hula hoop and some space to run around. Get your kids to line up in a straight line, roll the hula hoop along the ground as fast as you can, and call out one of your kids' names to have them catch it. Once they’re back with the hula hoop, do it again and call for someone else to run after it. Not only is a hula hoop race and catch fun, but it’s great for their hand-eye coordination skills.

10.  Outdoor Art Projects

Time to get creative and crack into some arts and crafts. Get your kids a scrapbook where they can add the various kinds of plants and flowers they find outdoors. You can also bring out the paint for your kids to use, and with nature as the backdrop for inspiration, they can unleash their artistic vision.

With these top 10 fun activities to get your kids outdoors this summer, getting them to come back in the house will be incredibly hard. While these are our top 10 fun outdoor activities for kids, there are an endless amount of fun activities they can do outdoors this summer.

When it’s time for them to come back inside, it’s highly likely that they’ll bring some of that mud and dirt in with them. So to give your carpets some love and remove any nasty dirt, grime or mud stains, download our Ultimate Stain Guide today!