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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Rug Doctor machines cannot be used for flooding purposes

Customer Testimonials

We work hard to keep our customers happy. Here is what they have to say about us!

Carpets Look Like New

I won a hire voucher for the Rug Doctor machine. To use it was so easy and it did a professional job, my carpets are now like new again. I would highly recommend hiring the Rug Doctor equipment and it was great doing it myself.

D. Grimshaw , Dunedin

A Winner for Furry Friends

Gosh, thank you Rug Doctor. A champion carpet cleaner for any hairy dog household. I perhaps should train Rosie our dog to clean the carpets, she has now retired from agility so has time on her paws...

S. Holmes , Hamilton

From Mud & Dirt to “Clean and Fresh”

We live on a rural property and have kids, I can’t believe how much of the mud and dirt ends up on the carpet!! The Rug Doctor is so easy to get and use, it makes an amazing difference and the house smells so much fresher!! Thanks Rug Doctor!!

G. Griffiths , Auckland

Happy Dog Owner

Carpets are a different colour after having dogs. The machine is easy to use and products are both efficient and clean smelling. I use two or three times a year so I am a happy customer.

S. Dodge , Auckland

Such a Difference!

I used Rug Doctor when I bought the house I am currently in and what a difference it made. I couldn't believe the dirt that was in the waste tank during the clean. It is so easy to use I plan to do it again soon, as I have a dog so it is a must.

N. Hall , Inglewood

Best Range of Products

As a commercial carpet cleaner I have used your range of products extensively and found them as good if not better than other commercial products that are at a significantly higher price.

P. Downes , Christchurch