Why Choose Rug Doctor?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Rug Doctor machines cannot be used for flooding purposes

Why us

Rug Doctor is proud to be the world wide leaders in carpet and upholstery care.

Offering you the convenience to clean when it suits you.

Our unique vibrating brush provides a one-pass clean that helps you get the job done fast. While giving you professional results with the tough proven commercial design at a very affordable price. Our system is so easy to use.

We proudly stand by our products and service.


Excellent carpet cleaning results start with the right use of effective cleaning products. It's not enough to just wet the carpet. To really clean, you must inject an adequate volume of cleaning solution without too much water to allow the solution to act as a rinsing agent. That's why Rug Doctor is designed to clean in one pass.


Rug Doctor's unique vibrating brush has a back and forth motion, meaning the brush gets down in between the fibres to really work at loosening the tough ground in dirt and grime that lays deep down in the carpet fibres. At the same time it leaves the carpet nap fluffed and raised, not matted.


Powerful vacuuming action is essential to effective cleaning, without it dirt and excessive moisture is left behind. Rug Doctor has up to twice the power of other available carpet cleaning machines.

What can Rug Doctor clean?

The Rug Doctor equipment is so versatile; it can clean anything with fabric *: