How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet

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Jul 6, 2022

How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet | Rug Doctor

Knowing how to get wax out of a carpet is a useful skill, whether you'd like to deep clean your carpet to get it looking brand new again or making quick fixes in your flat to get your full bond back.

Getting spilled candle wax out of your carpet doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming or expensive. You can get the job done quickly and easily with the right tricks and products. Here are some pro tips on the best ways to remove wax from carpets and rugs.

Here’s how to lift wax out of carpet

One of the most fool-proof ways to remove wax from carpet takes advantage of items you will already have at home.

You will need:

  • A plastic bag of ice or an ice pack
  • An iron
  • A paper towel, thin tea towel or brown paper bag
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Butter knife
  • Vacuum

Step 1: Freeze the wax

Start by pressing your bag of ice or ice pack onto the dried wax for about 10 minutes and allow the wax to freeze and harden up. Make sure it isn’t getting wet from your ice pack, as moisture will make the wax drips harder to remove. Use your tea towel or paper towel to prevent this if needed.

Step 2: Scrape the wax off

Once the wax is frozen, use your butter knife to scrape as much wax as possible off the carpet or rug. Be gentle during this process so that you don’t fray your carpet! Berber carpets in particular need special care as the loops can fray easily. Then, simply vacuum up the wax pieces that you scraped off.

Step 3: Heat and absorb the stubborn wax

Now, you can target the wax that has dripped deep into your carpet fabric. Place a paper towel, paper bag or tea towel on top of the remaining candle wax. Turn your iron on at its lowest temperature setting and make sure the steam function is turned off. Run the iron over the paper or towel several times; the wax will start to heat up.

As the towel starts to absorb the wax, reposition it several times so that the clean areas can continue to pick up more remnants. Continue this process until all of the wax is absorbed. If you don’t have an iron, you can also use a hairdryer for this step. Keep the hair dryer at least 20cm away from the paper to avoid burning it.

Step 4: Spot clean your carpet or rug

The last step in removing wax stains from your floors is to use a high quality carpet cleanerstain remover or spot remover on the affected area. This will be particularly important if the wax is coloured, as the dye could stain your carpet. Gently dab the stain, taking care not to damage the carpet fibres, until the last traces of wax and colour are removed. Once your carpet has air-dried, use your vacuum to restore the carpet texture. In most cases, your carpet will look as good as new!

You can also use this method to remove wax drips on most types of fabric couches and chairs. Check out our Stain Removal guide here for other cleaning tips.


Wax removal tip: Act quickly on carpet!

It’s important to get wax drips out of your carpet as soon as you notice them. While it is still possible to remove old wax, you will achieve better, faster results if you don’t leave the wax too long.


If all else fails: try a Rug Doctor machine to remove wax on carpet

If the wax drips are particularly old, or your carpet fabric is particularly delicate, after using these DIY wax removal techniques you may like to make use of our proven at-home deep cleaning systems. The Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine gives you the same results as a professional carpet cleaner, or you can try our portable spot cleaner, which will help remove any left over residue. You can even own your own Rug Doctor X3 machine, or alternatively you can hire one from several convenient locations across New Zealand using the link below.

Good luck with removing your wax spills and returning your carpets and rugs to their former glory!


Gina Gibbs

Author: Gina Gibbs

Gina is the Business Manager at Rug Doctor NZ. With over 20 years at Rug Doctor, she's dedicated to helping New Zealanders keep their homes clean and healthy. Outside of work, Gina enjoys hiking, reading, and enjoying Vietnamese and Asian fusion cuisine. Oh, and let's not forget her expertise in cleaning up after everyone, especially her two kids!