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Easy DIY Colourful Home Makeover

Easy DIY Colourful Home Makeover

Do you want to know how to add a little more colour into your life? 

Blog Spring Car Wash Resized

Give Your Car a Spring Makeover

You may be noticing after winter your car interior looks a bit grubby from the mud and dirt that comes along with the wet weather. So why not take the opportunity...

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5 Great Reasons Every Pet Owner needs Rug Doctor

Vacuuming is not enough! Both carpets and upholstery tend to get a thrashing with pets. 

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The History of Rug Doctor New Zealand

Starting from humble beginnings back in 1980 with a product and idea that originated from the United States Rug Doctor New Zealand’s service centre was operated out of a garage...

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How Important is Ventilation in the Home?

Ventilation is very important for a healthy home environment.  Why?

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Why Should I Clean my Carpet and How Often?

The damaging effects of dirt, grit and grime to your carpet is something that you don’t always see.  Grit wears away and cuts at carpet fibres as they are walked...

Blog 7 Tips for Winter resized

7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

During the autumn months there are a few important tasks that should be done around the home to prepare for winter.

Blog How to be the best flatmate ever

How to be the Best Flatmate Ever!

If you have never lived out of home before and are new to flatting then this article is for you! Here at Rug Doctor we pride ourselves on clean and...

Blog Are You Thinking of Buying New Carpet

Are You Thinking of Buying New Carpet?

Buying new carpet is a big investment for your home. So before making your purchase there are a few things to consider. 

Blog Uph Cleaning Resized

Using the Hand Tool Attachment

Most people don’t realize that Rug Doctor cleans so much more than just carpets. With the hand tool connected to the back of the Rug Doctor machine you can clean...

Blog How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets with Pets Resized

How Often Should You Clean Carpets with Pets?

As a pet owner it is inevitable that there will be more wear and tear on your carpet and furniture. However, you can extend the life of your carpets and upholstery by cleaning them every 6 to 12 months.  If you...

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Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Home

The first thing potential buyers see upon arriving is the front garden and entrance way. First impressions last and this will set the tone and anticipation for the rest of...

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Change of Seasons - Spring Cleaning Time

It’s that time of year again, Spring Time! Which means its spring cleaning time! This year why not make areas that are usually forgotten about, a priority on your spring...

Blog How Best to Remove a Coffee Stain Resized Opt 2

How to Remove a Coffee Stain?

There are two types of stains, acidic based and oil based. Coffee is an acidic based stain, so the correct product to use is the Rug Doctor Stain Remover.

Blog You Can Still Clean Over the Cooler Months Resized

Can You Carpet Clean in the Cooler Months?

Although it’s ideal to pick a fine or warm day to get your carpet cleaning done, it doesn’t mean you can’t clean over the cooler months.

Blog Why DIY Carpet Clean Resized

Why DIY Carpet Clean?

If you haven’t cleaned your own carpets before there may be several reasons which have held you back, such as ‘Will I be able to do the job as good...

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Rug Doctor Odour Remover - Great for Removing Fishy Odours

If you are a keen fisherman or fisherwoman a great hidden weapon to keep on board is the Rug Doctor Odour Remover! With its many uses the Odour Remover can...

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How Long Do Carpets Take to Dry After Cleaning?

For effective cleaning, a powerful extraction action is needed to lift dirt and excess moisture. You can be assured that Rug Doctor has up to twice the power of other...

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The Party Season Is Here

We are now coming into the party months of the year with the silly season just around the corner.  And with a good party comes a lot of fun and...

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Cleaning Before Baby Arrives

Preparing for a little one is a very busy time.  Besides buying all the essentials required for your new little bundle of joy, it is also important to prepare a...

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How to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Dust can include fine particles of animal fur, dead skin, pollen, fine soil particles, paper and clothing fibres among others.

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How to Remove Gum from Carpet

If you discover gum on your carpet, it is wise to remove it immediately before it turns into a permanent unsightly sticky mess.

Blog Bath Toys Resized

How to Clean Kids’ Bath Toys

Bath toys can be great fun, however they can be a gateway to bacteria which if unchecked can result in sickness.

How to clean a BBQ

How to Clean a BBQ

This method is great for cleaning rust off BBQ plates.  After being closed up or left in the weather, you may lift your barbeque lid and get a shock at...

how to clean a remote control

How to Clean a Remote Control

 If you knew how much dirt your remote control gets into contact with on a daily basis, you'd jump at the idea of cleaning it as many times as possible.

how to clean blankets

How To Clean Blankets

Blankets should be cleaned and washed from time to time, it is usually recommended they are cleaned at the beginning or end of a season.

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Remove Pet Stains & Odours with Rug Doctor | Dogs, Cats and more

If you have pets you will know it is sometimes challenging to keep your carpet and furniture looking good with muddy foot prints, sandy paws, pet dander, fur or sometimes...

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Spring Clean Your Carpets to Reduce Allergens

Spring time is the start of the allergy season and in New Zealand many people suffer from hay fever and dust allergies.  So why not give your carpets and upholstery...

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DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

Are you planning to clean your carpet yourself? If so, you are making a wise decision, as cleaning your carpet yourself is a fantastic way to save a significant amount...

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Upholstery Cleaning

Rug Doctor provides you with DIY Carpet Cleaning machines, but did you know they also have an Upholstery tool attachment that allows you to clean much more than just carpet.

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Rug Doctor Odour Remover

How do you remove a bad smell from carpet?  Well not only is the Rug Doctor Odour Remover very effective in removing smoke and animal smells from carpet and upholstery,...

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Moving House? Give it a Thorough Clean

As the warmer weather begins many people start to think about selling their home and to give them the best chance of making the sale they think about finishing off...


Compact and Easy to Use

The Rug Doctor machine is compact enough that it will easily fit in the boot of your car!  With it's fold-down handle you can easily lay the machine in your boot or put...

Blog Nov

See the Difference...

At least once a year, you should refresh your carpet and extend its life by deep cleaning it.


Hay Fever and Allergy Sufferers

Change of seasons can be a frustrating time for hay fever and allergy sufferers.  As much as 30% of the population battle watery eyes, stuffy noses and continuous sneezing from...

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Rug Doctor at the Home Show

Did you see our Rug Doctor machine at the Auckland Home Show recently?  Our buddies at Feltex Carpets used one of our Rug Doctor machines to set up their 'Student Proof' flatting scene which...

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Rug Doctor Brings your Carpets Back to Life

Do you feel your carpet pile no matter how often you vacuum, it never seems to look as good as it used to?  This is because over time dirt, dust...