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rsz rug curtain   blog
Oct 6, 2020

How to Clean Your Curtains

Keeping your curtains free of dirt, mould, and dust is extremely important for your health, and to keep your house hygienic and smelling fresh.

rsz what is hiding in your car upholstery
Oct 6, 2020

How to Clean Your Car's Upholstery

Although your car upholstery may look clean, its porous texture can be an ideal environment for germs, bacteria, fleas, and dust mites to thrive.

rsz  rug how to remove the smell of smoke in your car   blog
Aug 27, 2020

How to Remove the Cigarette Smoke Smell From Your Car

Smoke that coats a surface and leaves a trace (usually in the form of discoloration and odour) is known as third-hand smoke and it's a notoriously lingering smell that can…

rsz  rug how to remove must winter smells from your car   blog
Aug 26, 2020

Car Odour Removal: How to get Rid of Musty Car Smells

When the wet weather sets in over winter, you might start noticing that your car has a bit of a lingering damp, must or mildew smell when you get into…

rsz  rug deep clean car   blog
Aug 10, 2020

How to Deep Clean Your Car With a Rug Doctor

One of the most common questions we get asked is if you can use Rug Doctor to clean the interior of a car to a professional standard? The short answer…

rsz  rug how to deep clean your car interior   blog
Aug 10, 2020

How To Deep Clean Your Car Upholstery & Interior

There is nothing quite like stepping into your freshly cleaned car.

rsz rug psychology behind happiness
Jul 7, 2020

The Psychology Behind Happiness and Trying New Things

The comfort of what's familiar and known, is a space where often many of us find ourselves sitting in for too long.

rsz rug 5 car cleaning tips
Jul 7, 2020

5 Car Cleaning Tips that will Make Your Car Look Brand New

If you've got a car, chances are you know how quickly it can go from clean and tidy to an absolute bombshell - especially if the kids have anything to…

rsz  rug friends and family good for mental health   blog
Jun 15, 2020

Why Making Time for Friends and Family is Important for Mental Health

Since the beginning of human evolution, we've been inherently social creatures.

rsz  rug work life balance   blog
Jun 15, 2020

How to Achieve a Good Work-Life Balance in NZ

There's no denying that for most of us work is a really important and integral part of our lives.

rsz  rug exercise for mental health   blog
May 25, 2020

How Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health

We all know the benefits of heading out into the sunshine for a run when it comes to our physical health.

rsz  rug 5 symptoms of stress   blog
May 25, 2020

5 Symptoms of Stress: How to Know When to Take a Break

Defined by Healthline as "a state of mental or emotional strain caused by adverse circumstances", stress is an incredibly common issue that many people face.