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rsz  rug kiwi bach   blog
Dec 11, 2019

Renting a Bach in NZ: Cleaning & Getting Your Bond Back

A big Kiwi tradition (if you've lived in New Zealand for any extended period of time you'll know about it) is to migrate to the coastline over Christmas and New...

rsz  rug road trip   blog
Dec 11, 2019

5 Car Cleaning Tips & Tricks for your Summer Road Trip

We all know how quickly the car can turn from transport to tip.

rsz  rug christmas prep   blog
Nov 29, 2019

Christmas Day Planning: Preparing for a Full House

With Christmas Day quickly approaching, this time of year can feel quite stressful if you're planning on inviting family and friends over for the big day - and rightfully so!...

rsz  rug christmas crafts   blog
Nov 29, 2019

5 Christmas Crafts & Activities the Kids will Love

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and that means a tonne of festive decorations, gifts to buy, turkey to roast, but most importantly. . .

rsz  rug  cleaning for allergies   blog
Oct 29, 2019

Change of Season Cleaning for Allergies: Fight the Mites!

A change of season means blossoming flowers and pollen in the air, but for some of us it means the onset of blossoming allergies.

rsz  rug outdoor cinema   blog
Oct 23, 2019

It's BBQ Season! Genius Outdoor Entertainment Tips to Save You Time

We've made it New Zealand! The clocks have gone forward an hour, daylight savings is upon us, and those warm summer nights that we all look forward to each year...

rsz rug mother daughter cleaning   blog
Oct 18, 2019

Make Spring Cleaning Fun: Putting the ‘Spring’ in Spring Cleaning

Winter’s over and Spring is finally here! It’s time to dust off those jandals, dig out that bikini from the back of the wardrobe, and most importantly get started on...

rsz bathroom cleaning hacks
Oct 2, 2019

Make Light Work of Your Bathroom Spring Cleaning

It's the one task that everyone dreads when it comes to spring cleaning their homes, perhaps because a lot of people find the job a little. . .

rsz  rug cleaning pickmeups   blog
Sep 24, 2019

Cold Day Cleaning Pick-Me-Ups: How Cleaning Can Boost Your Mood

With the change of season upon us, in classic New Zealand fashion we're getting a mix of both beautiful spring days, and the freezing tail-end of winter.

rsz more kitchen cleaning tips hacks
Sep 5, 2019

More Kitchen Cleaning Tips & Hacks Using Household Items

We know how tough cleaning the kitchen can be.