Odour Remover 5LTR | Rug Doctor Bulk Cleaning Products

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Rug Doctor machines cannot be used for flooding purposes

Odour Remover 5LTR

$38.52 NZD

  • Advance neutraliser that attacks odours at the source.

  • Deodorises, Disinfects, Kills Germs.

  • Effective on food, smoke, mildew, animal waste and more.

  • Use directly on carpet, upholstery, mattresses or add to cleaning mix in machine for extra freshness.

Mixture Ratio:

Shake bottle.  Mix 62mls (1/4 cup) of Rug Doctor Odour Remover with 9Lt of clean, warm to hot (not boiling) water.

This product can be used in other deep cleaning carpet machines.  Mix 7mls per 1Lt of water

For use in carpet cleaning machines, and can also be applied through direct spray application.