Spot Remover


Rug Doctor's Spot Remover is formulated as a pre-treatment to remove oil based stains such as blood, chocolate, milk, food, red wine and more. Formulated as a spray for general use, our Spot Remover can be applied topically to remove oil based stains from carpet and upholstery. Alternatively our Stain Remover can be used to remove acid based stains. Available to buy in a 500ml spray bottle from over 550 stockists around NZ. Find our carpet and upholstery cleaning products at your local retailer here. Should you have any queries regarding these products, call us on 0800 800 245. RRP Prices include GST.

spot remover 500ml

  • RRP 500ml $8.99.
  • Applied topically to remove oil based stains as well as red wine stains.
  • For general use at any time.
  • Not to be used in Rug Doctor machines.