Carpet Cleaning | Rug Doctor

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Rug Doctor machines cannot be used for flooding purposes

Carpet Cleaning

Before You Begin

The Rug Doctor machines and cleaning products are safe for most carpets, however some stains require professional treatment.

Download the Carpet Cleaning Instructions in PDF format.


Prepare Carpet for Cleaning

Clear any furniture from the area you wish to clean.

  1. Using your own normal dry vacuum cleaner, vacuum the area you want to clean to remove loose dirt before using the Rug Doctor machine.
  2. Pre-treat any special problem areas with the appropriate Spot, Stain or Odour Remover.


Set Up

  1. Mix Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner with hot tap water in a clean bucket according to product label directions. Water should not be so hot as to scald or burn skin. The tank capacity is 9 litres.
  2. Lower the restraining wire and remove the white upper tank. 
  3. Fill the LOWER red tank with the cleaning solution mixture by pouring it through the filter screen. The machine is full when liquid reaches the ‘Fill to here’ line half-way in filter screen.
  4. Fit white tank back in place. Seal the tank and clear dome securely by replacing restraining wire.
  5. Check the back of machine to make sure hose connection is secure.
  6. Plug the power cord in and position the machine.


Start Cleaning

  1. Refer to the label on top of machine and turn machine “ON” for carpet cleaning.
  2. While holding down red button on very top of handle, or depending on the model, squeezing the red trigger, pull machine at a steady pace backwards in a straight line, keeping the front metal vacuum slot against carpet surface. You will begin to see dirty water entering the clear dome after a few seconds. If you don't, stop and refer to the Help Center section or call 0800 800 245.
  3. Release red button 30cm before the end of cleaning pass to ensure spray stops but it continues with suction. Tilt the machine back slightly and move forward to position it for another cleaning pass. Overlap passes 5cm to ensure even cleaning.
  4. The tank is empty when you hear the machine sound change and dirty water stops entering the clear dome. Stop and empty the UPPER white tank and refill the lower red tank with another cleaning solution mixture. Continue cleaning.
  5. When cleaning is complete, empty any remaining solution by taking machine outside or over drain and turn machine ON for upholstery, this will empty lower tank.
  6. Before returning machine to store, ensure machine is cleaned according to instructions at back of machine. Switch should be in OFF position.